What To Look For When Buying an Espresso Machine

What to look for when buying an espresso machine?

There is something special about drinking espresso to start or continue the day. While in the past people were required to go to a café every time they wanted to drink one, nowadays the espresso machines have changed this. If they own one, people can prepare their cup of espresso from the comfort of their homes or offices.

So, do you consider buying an espresso machine but you’re unsure which one to get? This is challenging for many people, especially because there are many types of machines that incorporate specific features. 

That’s why before getting one, people should analyze all options and see which factors matter to them the most. To give you a hand, in this guide we’ll go over them. Enjoy!

Place of Installation

The place where the machine will be situated is very important. Mainly, this is because it should fit and be close to an energy source to operate properly.

Therefore, before making the purchase, you should check its dimensions and compare them to the ones of the place where it’ll be installed. Also, the hopper for the beans and the water tank shouldn’t be forgotten. They should be put where they are accessible to the owner because they should be regularly refilled and cleaned.

Machine’s Size

Connected to the previous one, the size of the machine should be considered, as well. While predominantly it’s because of fitting into the intended space, there are more aspects to it than this.

What we mean by this is that the size is dependent on the features that the product possesses. Understandably, the bigger the machine is the more options it’ll offer. For one, on it, you can brew more than one espresso at the same time and enjoy other additional features.

Yet in case the place is limited, compact machines that are smaller in size are more suitable to be bought. Luckily, they, too, are made with useful features that can satisfy the needs of the customers, so it’s up to the buyer to make compromises with space and the options and pick a machine they think will match their expectations and budget.

Durability of the Machine

It’s a fact that this isn’t a very cheap product to buy. So, you surely want to get something that will last longer. This makes durability one of the key factors to consider.

Moreover, details like the material the machine is made of and its type contribute to this. Most of the machines are comprised of strong materials that can resist heat and increase their durability. And the modern ones even have additional features like electric parts that ask for more frequent repairing.

Aside from this, it should be noted that the manufacturers tend to offer warranties to cover all possible damages in the first years of operation. However, to be safe, it’s recommended to check reviews of the machine and the brand online.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Machine

This should be clear from the start – the espresso machines require regular cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, they may stop working faster and not give the wanted results. Therefore, before purchasing one you should look for models that are relatively easy to clean and keep in shape.

People should look into the time needed for it to be cleaned as well as how big it is and how many parts it has. That’s because more complicated machines that have various components inside take longer to clean. Not to mention that the maintenance can cost more in this case.


How much money you think of spending on an espresso machine is a very important factor to consider. It’s up there with your present needs and what you want out of such a machine. What’s both great and frightening, when it comes to espresso machines is that there are a plethora of brands and thousands of models to choose from. And at different prices.

Usually, it’s the quality of the materials put into the production of the machine as well as the durability and some other aspects that may keep the price high. On the other hand, there are less-complex machines that have great features that customers still love yet are slightly cheaper.

It all comes down to what kind of a person, the potential buyer is. If you’re absolutely in love with the taste of quality espresso, then a more expensive machine will deliver that. However, if you want a quick shot of espresso that’s very easy to make, a cheaper version will do just fine.


Some users just love fiddling with all kinds of controls and buttons to get their perfect shot of espresso at the end. On the contrary, some want the machine to do everything for them once they push the button. It’s a good thing that there are espresso machines that can satisfy both of these categories of customers.

The people who don’t have plenty of time in the morning to deal with lots of controls and just aren’t overly excited about learning new skills about making a shot of espresso, go for an automatic espresso machine. These machines often have such settings that are easy to program and adjust. Another thing to consider is how easy the features and manual are to fully understand them.

One Last Thing…

The above-mentioned features of an espresso machine are some of the most relevant ones that a potential buyer should have in mind when looking to buy one.

With that being said, one last thing that individuals should be aware of is the bonus features. Even though you may not ask for them at first, the bonus features add that something else to the espresso machine. Still, they’re worth checking out and it’s nice to have them although they may not be the deal-breaker whether you should buy a machine or not. They may include a water filter, a frothing wand, an integral grinder, and others.

Anyway, what’s your opinion regarding this? What’s the most important thing for you when buying an espresso machine?