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Even if there happens to be any sort of leakage pertaining to the information, you are not going to hold us responsible in any way. The type of personal information which could be attained during the time you are actively enjoying our services would entail mostly the phone numbers, WhatsApp numbers, email addresses, social media profiles, Skype addresses and the likes. These are never going to act detrimental for those intending to patronize our services virtually. Your name, age, addresses, social media details, phone numbers and all other personal details would be completely safe with us.

Even if we ask of you to furnish some of the details such as email address, it is mainly to share our latest updates as well as news and progress via email correspondence and newsletters. When you choose to submit the form with us, your data, whatever you are going to feed in, would be safely restored with us. When you choose to subscribe to our email newsletter, you can have the right to unsubscribe at any point of time. You will get the steps to unsubscribe either on our web interface or the steps will be communicated via email.

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While using our platform, you might come across offers from third parties. Our platform holds every right to get you introduced with divergent promotional offers and services to be catered for discounted bargain price.

You should know that we show respect to COPPA act completely. Personal information does not get retrieved from kids or children. Besides, we do showcase sufficient respect to GDPR norms as well.

The data shared here do come under the category of confidential information. You need to respect that. However, we do not happen to bear any sort of responsibility for the actions of the third parties which are somehow integrated with our interface.

In case, there has been any instance of data breach and ancillaries, our authority will make a conscious attempt to do the needful. In every situation, you are requested to pay heed to the facts that have been furnished here in the Privacy Policy section. You should be able to understand that these policies might be subjected to alteration.

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