How to Make Cappuccino with an Espresso machine

How to Make Cappuccino with an Espresso machine?

Sipping Cappuccino is one way of beginning or ending your day. At times you may not feel like moving out of your home to look for it in a coffee house. However, it is possible to make a cappuccino from your home using an espresso machine. You only need to purchase the right espresso machine to make your Cappuccino. So, it would be best if you learned to make a cappuccino with an espresso machine.  You need to understand the process involved, ingredients, and equipment for you to make it at the comfort of your home. In this article lets see how to make a cappuccino with an espresso machine.

What is a cappuccino?

A cappuccino is a combination of steamed milk, bold espresso, and milk foam. The traditional Cappuccino included an equal ratio of the three components. Nowadays, people are adding a double shot of espresso to make it strong. If you are looking for a milder flavor, you have to add more milk and foam into the mixture. 

One of the reasons people like Cappuccino is its rich, bold, and warming flavor. Adding steamed milk makes it has an enjoyable taste. If you want to customize your Cappuccino, you may add flavored syrups, sweetener, or sugar. 

For the best drinking experience, always serve it in a bowl-shaped porcelain cup.  If you pre-heat the cup before using it, the experience may be more enjoyable. According to recent research, 54% of America’s population over 18 consume espresso-based drinks, including Cappuccino.

Essential ingredients for making Cappuccino

To make the best Cappuccino, you need to have all the ingredients. Messing up may lead to low-quality Cappuccino. Below are the ingredients you need when making a cappuccino with an espresso machine. 


It is a type of coffee produced after brewing ground coffee beans using pressure. It takes the shortest time to prepare it. When serving it, one has to use pre-heated white small cups that can hold 2-4 ounces of liquid. 

You can easily detect a high-quality expresso since it contains rich, dark, golden cream on the top. The quick brewing method lowers the caffeine content compared to drip coffee. Even if expresso has a rich flavor and body, it does not have high caffeine; anyone can take it. 

 You should not take it in one gulp. To appreciate the flavor that expresso has, one is supposed to sip it slowly.  The best expresso is made up of four products, namely: 

  1. Miscela- it is the right coffee blend, and many people like it.
  2. Mano –It is  to the skilled hand of the barista
  3. Macinazione- The product is defined as the precise grinding of coffee beans. When using the freshly ground coffee beans, it should have a texture of between fine or powdery. 
  4. Macchina- it is the ability of the expresso machine to work effectively. 

Milk jug

It would be best if you had a stainless jug with a handle and a spout. The jar is necessary since it is used to put fresh milk for steaming and frothing.

Foamed milk

For you to get foamed milk, you require an expresso machine. Air is incorporated with steamed milk which raises the temperature of the milk. The process is done using a part of the expresso machine called a steam wand. 

A 2% creamy foam is produced during the frothing process. Those who have not done frothing before are advised to use milk that does not contain fat

You will likely get a pale espresso drink when using whole milk, although the frothing process could be overwhelming due to the high fat found in the milk and may weigh down the foam. 

Steamed milk

The best milk for steaming is the one that has 2% of fat.  The milk should be cold for you to begin the process. 


The best temperature for frothing and steaming of milk is 150-155 degrees Fahrenheit. The bubbles may not be unable to hold steamed and frothed milk at high temperatures. 

There are those people who do not use the thermometer since they believe in their hands. They can detect the temperature of the milk touching the outer part of the jug. 

If they find that the temperature is lower than the body temperature, they conclude lower than expected. In addition, it takes more than seconds to detect the temperature could be too much.

Which is the best jug 

You might know how to make a cappuccino, but you end up not getting the desired results without an expresso jug. The best pitcher to use should be stainless with spouts. Therefore it will be easy to know the temperature of the milk by just touching the outside of the jar. The tap helps out when pouring the milk. 

How to make a cappuccino using the espresso machine

We are now aware of the necessary ingredients used in the process of making Cappuccino. The next thing we have to learn is how to make a cappuccino with an espresso machine. Below are the essential steps to follow to get the best Cappuccino from the espresso machine. 

  1. Ensure you have enough foam and steamed milk.
  2. Brew a single or double espresso depending on the taste and order you want directly to the cup.
  3. Remove stubborn bubbles from the milk by tapping the milk jug against a counter. 
  4. For a smooth drink, you have to pour the milk over the espresso from a low height.
  5. To ensure that foam transfers from the milk jug to the cup on top of your Cappuccino, you should give the milk a slight wiggle. 


Becoming familiar with how to make a cappuccino with an espresso machine might take you some time. First, you are supposed to know the art and science involved in the expresso. You also need to know how to make the drink have a rich flavor. 

In addition, the learner should be ready to steam milk properly. If you are aware of the different characteristics of milk, it will be easy for you to achieve the desired taste and appearance.