Espresso Machine Cost

How Much Does An Espresso Machines Cost?

A large percentage of the current population dreams of owning an espresso machine. Having one at your home helps in giving a quick source of energy when you need it. Some people may fear buying the machine since it’s costly though the price is worth it. It would be best if you researched the actual cost of the machine to avoid those sellers who may end up overcharging you.  So how much does a high-quality espresso machine cost? 

Espresso machine price range

If you are purchasing the espresso machine for commercial purposes, it could be a considerable investment.  Therefore it could help boost your business. The price could range from $100 to $1000. However, several factors may determine the cost of the machine if it is for business. The espresso machine may depend on how big your business is. However, if you are going to use it at home, it will depend on your preference.  We reviewed the best 10 super automatic espresso machine under $1000, you may like it.

Quality espresso machines 

Getting a high-quality machine is a great decision. After buying the device for $500, you may also use it in a coffee shop. Such machines are semi-automatic and have advanced features. The seller may give you a selection of neat features to choose from. The perfusion feature makes it the best hence many people may prefer it despite being sold at a high price.

 It can infuse the coffee grinds under low pressure.  In addition, through the thermocouple and PID control, the temperature can be easily increased or decreased by two or four degrees.   

The machine also has bells and whistles; therefore, it can give you add-ons such as portafilter and a perfect frothing jog. The programmable functions make it easier for everyone to use it, including the novice and skilled baristas. 

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Low-end espresso machine

The machine is mainly sold at a price of under $ 100. It is meant for beginners who are looking forward to making their coffee at home. When it comes to appearance, there are a variety of machines to choose from.  The modern ones are classic and chic you can select the one that fits your home. 

Even though the machine is affordable, it can only give you a metal housing experience. However, some brands equip their units using ABS materials. 

With this machine, you can only make three to fifteen shots of expresso. This is because it has a water reservoir with a capacity of 48 ounces.  When buying the machine, you are given a water tank that you can easily remove.  The tank is meant to help you in the cleaning of the machine. The device may also have a stainless boiler and a cup warmer. 

Decent espresso machine

 You may sell the machine at an average price of $ 300. Such machines are super-automatic; hence most people prefer them.  The buyers are given a built-in grinder which can be expensive if you buy it separately from the machine.  

The electric pumps are meant to boost the units and automated boiler controls.  Therefore you may save your time since you do not have to pour water into the reservoir. 

One of the reasons most people would go for a decent espresso machine is that it comes with hands-on experience.  If you give your unit enough time to warm, it takes you five to ten minutes to prepare the espresso. 

Factors that contribute to the price of the espresso machine

After knowing how much an espresso machine could cost, you need to know the elements that may affect the price. The information may be of great help to you when buying one of the machines. Below are the aspects that may affect the price of the espresso machine. 

Digital display

Some machines come with a digital display. The traditional digital display is very different from the standard ones.  The modern ones are enhanced with quality materials to maintain the level of stability and temperature constancy.  Other features with the digital display include a cleaning program, pre-infusion delay, and water temperature adjustments. 

Temperature adjustment individual group

With this feature, you can easily adjust and control the temperature when brewing coffee for individual groups.  It suits those who prefer controlling the equipment’s brewing temperature or make more than coffee. 

Such espresso machines are made with the finest materials and come with a unique and attractive design, exceptional barista control, and digital display. Therefore it ends up being the most expensive espresso machine in the market. 

Complex system

 The process of making espresso requires one to have a lot of patient and precision.  With complicated internal structures, you can easily make delicious espresso with high pressure, low temperature, and the best extraction times. The design contains a boiler system, multiple thermometers, and a precision heating unit. 


 The quality of the machine may determine the price you will sell it at. The high-end espresso machine, which comes with a body made of stainless steel, brass, and metal, may be expensive.  Those manufacturers choose to use industrial plastic when making the internal parts of the espresso machine and the frame.  

This does not result in low performance in the machine, although the weaker framing may tamper with the quality of the espresso machine.  The buyer who could be looking for high quality and affordable espresso machine should check out the manual or semi-automatic machines. The high-quality machines are the best although they tend to be more expensive. 


If you are interested in buying the espresso machine, you need to remember that the price may be different depending on the quality, features, and performance. Always do thorough research before coming to your final decision on the machine to purchase. 

The price may also be determined by the purpose of buying an espresso machine. If you want it for commercial use, you should look for the one that can hold more capacity. Lastly, you should confirm the features the machine has.