Gevi Espresso Machine 20 Bar Reviews

Gevi Espresso Machine 20 Bar Reviews In 2021

Are you looking for an espresso machine that will help you minimize electric bills? Gevi 20 bar espresso machine could be the best option for you. Its performance and functionalities are of another level. It is mainly used when making cappuccinos. The device is very different from the others due to its state of the art—many people like it since it has an elegant design.
The fact that the machine is affordable does not compromise its quality. You can rely on the coffee maker since many people use it, and they give their opinions. The durability makes it the best among the other coffee makers. Those who have bought gevi espresso machine do not complain since its performance is incomparable. Lets get started Gevi 20 bar espresso machine reviews;


Quicks Features Of Gevi 20 Bar Espresso Machine

  • The coffee maker comes with a temperature heating control system for ensuring that the machine holds the required temperature.
  • It provides the user with three special functions to choose from.
  • Gevi 20 bar comes with an advanced thermoblock heating system with 1350W considerable power. The thermoblock enhances the ability to make espresso.
  • The coffee maker gives suggestions to use fresh coffee beans.
  • It has a manual steam wand with the required steam pressure for creating rich, creamy froth.
  • It comes with a removable water reservoir for making it easy to clean.

Gevi Espresso Machine 20 Bar In Depth Review

One of the main reasons why many people like the Gevi 20 bar espresso machine is because it can make coffee in 45 seconds. Its speed makes it the best machine in the market.  The devices come with an advanced thermoblock fast heating system. When using it, water comes out directly, making it have fresh water throughout.

Moreover, the machine’s pressure is always under control since it comes with a manual steam wand. In a case where the device has the correct pressure, it can create a rich, creamy froth. Three hundred sixty degrees rotating stainless steel frothing wand is the best. The machine is fragrant and rich in crema. The fact that it can provide the user with fast and stable extraction makes it have the qualities.

The intelligent temperature control system makes the machines the best option for the users.  It comes with two separate thermostats; therefore, it is easy to control the extraction and milk frothing process temperature separately. In addition, when the temperature of the Gevi 20 bar espresso machine is controlled thus the taste of the coffee and milk foam reach the required flavor.

When using Gevi 20 bar espresso machine, you are provided with three special functions to choose from. You may use one shot-brew that is about 30 ml of the coffee, or two shot-Brew about 60 ml of coffee. You are also allowed to control the amount of coffee manually.

There is a heated metallic plate placed on the top of the machine. It is meant to keep your cup warm and ensure the flavor of the coffee is not affected. You are also allowed to use a 53mm tamper for the portafilter of the espresso machine.  The pressure of the steam and coffee process is very different. Hence you are recommended to wait for the temperature to cool down after using the steamer to brew your coffee. It helps ensures that you get high-quality and delicious coffee.

Lets See The Pros And Cons Of Gevi 20 Bar Espresso Machine



Essential Tips For Using The Machine

  • Always use the machine according to the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • When using the machine for the first time, the preheat may take a long time; hence the espresso may not be warm as expected. The second time turns out to be better.
  • The new machines come without water in the boiler. You are required to fill it with water without coffee powder. It is also important to boil the water several times to clean it.
  • Proper cleaning of the machine ensures the machine’s temperature is not too low and enhances the taste of coffee made.
  • At times foaming, the steamer need sometimes needs a lot of time to preheat. However, when the temperature rises to 212, the machine functions normally and flawlessly.
  • After brewing coffee, the steam remains in the portafilter, so the extra coffee will slowly drip out. When using the machine, always wait 15-20 seconds after turning it off.

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Essential Things About Gevi Espresso Machine 20 Bar

According to those who have bought the machine before, the overall quality is excellent.  It comes with two drip spaces; therefore, users can save time by making two cups of coffee simultaneously.  Using the gevi 20 bar espresso machine is easy to save energy since it has an automatic power-off function that turns off the device after nine minutes.

The machine needs descaling though you should clean it a couple of times to make sure scales do not build up. Operating the device is very easy though you may be required to go through the instructions provided by the manufacturers carefully.

Gevi 20 bar espresso machines can brew up to 60 cups of coffee. Hence it can be used for commercial purposes.  Those looking forward to making more coffee may choose this machine since it is the best.

Which Gevi Espresso Machine To Buy 20 Bar Or 15 Bar?

Coming up with the best machine could be challenging, especially if it is your first time. It would help if you did thorough research before concluding the espresso machine to take home.  Below are the things you should look at when purchasing Gevi 20 bar espresso machine.


Failing to consider the budget is one of the mistakes made by new buyers. Some people spend less money on purchasing the grinder and overbuy on the espresso side.  You should create the budget before approaching the seller. It helps in understanding the best espresso machine between 20 bar and 15 bar . The cheap one may end up being of low quality, and so you need to be careful when making your final decision. Choosing between 20 bar and 15 bar may be a problem. Since 20 bar is more affordable many people would go for it. Unlike 15 bar expresso machine which is expensive, the price of 20 bar match its quality.


How often you be using the machine.  Do you use the device to make only the morning cup to you will you use it the whole day? Between 20 bar and 15 bar you have to choose the machine that will suit your frequency.  If you are those people who always invite friends and use the machine to make drinks, you should go for the sizeable 15 bar dual boiler machine. Those who make only a cup of coffee in the morning may be required to purchase the single boiler gevi 20 bar espresso machine.


Before purchasing the gevi 20 bar espresso machine, you should be aware of the space you have in your home. Since you are required to choose between 20 bar and 15 bar machine, you should go with the one that fits in your home. 20 bar is somehow smaller than 15 bar so if the space is less you should consider 20 bar.  A tape measure may be used to measure the distance you have. When going to purchase the coffee maker, do not forget to carry the tape measure. It will help you ensure that the machine you will buy will fit in the space you have.

Grinder selection

The most important part of the gevi 20 bar espresso machine is the grinder.  The grinder used in 20 bar espresso is very different from the one used in 15 bar. When it comes to the grinder it all depends on the machine you have. It would help if you choose the grinder that will make the best coffee for you.  Visit any seller and ask them the types of grinders they have. It will enable you should get the best grinder.

FAQ about Gevi 20 bar espresso

 What is the preferred size of the portafilter?

Those who want to purchase a tamper should be careful about the size of the portafilter they choose.

Can I remove the permanent filter entirely and use the paper filter?

According to the manufacturers, it is hard to remove the filter, but you can use the paper filters and the base.

Are there people talking about a grinder? This is a cappuccino machine? What is the height of the cappuccino machine?

This is an espresso machine though it can be used in making cappuccino coffee. It is slightly taller than one foot.

Does the machine stop by itself, or is it like the other gevi machine that you have to stop yourself?

Gevi 20 bar espresso machine has both options. You can choose one shot or two shots; then it shops alone. You may also go for the manual one where you must stop the machine on your own.

How long does the machine take to heat up after turning it on?

It is a new machine you will have to wait for sometimes. The second time tends to take less time. For a standard device that has been used several times, it takes less than 2 minutes to heat up.

Is there are differences in the measurement of one-shot or two-shot? Like when you put coffee ground beans in the machine.

Yeah, the gevi 20 bar espresso machine comes with two containers, 1 for the shot and another for two.


Gevi 20 bar espresso machine is the best coffee maker in the market. It can make high-quality and delicious coffee; hence most people like it.  The coffee maker is the most affordable machine in the market and does not compromise the quality.  When purchasing the espresso machine, you should be careful not to buy the long one. Thorough research on the features of the best machine is necessary. Gevi 20 bar espresso machine is the most durable since it is made of the best materials.