DeLonghi EC702 Review

Complete DeLonghi EC702 Review And Buying Guide

It gives people great pleasure to drink espresso and cappuccino that are foamy and nicely made. That’s why when they go out in coffee shops; they tend to fall in love with the taste. Luckily, now there are machines that can produce the same flavor even from the comfort of your home. One of them is DeLonghi EC702.

This stainless-steel machine is a powerful home device. It has many interesting and useful features that come at a not-so-expensive price. That’s why in this DeLonghi EC702 review, we’ll go over some details that you should consider before buying this machine.

DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker

  • Pump driven and 15 bars
  • Automatically self primes; Water level indicator: Yes
  • Use pods or ground coffee with the convenient patented filter holder
  • Craft cappuccinos or lattes with the patented easy to use frother
  • 44 oz. and 1.3 litter removable water tank.Never install the appliance in environments where the temperature may reach 0°C (32°F) or lower (the appliance may be damaged if the water freeze)

Starting from the quality of the coffee and its foam-making ability to the overall design and the dual functions, there are many of them. We are excited to share some really interesting findings, including specific features it provides, advantages and disadvantages as well as some frequently asked questions that you may be searching the answer to. They should come in handy before you decide whether to purchase it. So, let’s go!


When you look at it, this machine looks like it could easily stand on the counter at a coffee shop. Not only does it look professional, but it’s made to produce quality espresso. Many features contribute to this. Here are some of the top ones.

Pump Pressure

The key to a foamy coffee is the pressure. With its 15-bar pressure, this machine is able to produce a quality espresso and a cappuccino with thick cream. Because of this, many people love the taste of the coffee they get.

Connected to this, the controls are adjustable, allowing you to modify the coffee until it matches your desires.


The manually-operating frother is responsible for mixing milk and steam while making a rich froth. That’s how all your coffees can be evenly textured. This is especially suitable for cappuccinos. Also, it’s convenient that the frother is placed on the side of the machine.

Unlike most of the others, which have steaming nozzles or wands on the front, this model has its frother aside. Moreover, it enables you to make your coffee without anything like the pitcher, for one, getting in the way.

Two Thermostats

The two thermostats, which are built in, control the water and steam separately. Thanks to this, their pressure doesn’t mix up. And people can brew coffee and steam at the same time without thinking of extracting too much.

What’s more, the thermostats take care of the temperature. They give you a chance to make the perfect cappuccino or espresso at the right temperature. In order to evade waiting between cups and be able to brew constantly, there is the so-called Rapid Cappuccino System.

Filter Holder

The variety and the ability to brew more types of coffee are important to users. Therefore, to meet the needs of the customers, DeLonghi gives you the option to choose between pads and ground coffee. This is done through the filter holder with dual functions. Furthermore, if you prefer, you can use E.S.E pods. They are easier and faster to brew.

On the other hand, fans of richer flavors may find pleasure in ground coffee, which can be made in this machine, too. Actually, the holder is three in one. This means that there is one for a single shot of espresso, for two shots, and of course one for pods that can be easily served.

Water Reservoir

If you use it often, you’ll have to eventually refill the water reservoir in order to continue making the drinks. This machine makes this easier for you. It features a removable water reservoir placed in a convenient spot on the side for you to reach.

Aside from this, it’s a see-through reservoir so you can clearly see the level of water inside. That’s how you’ll know when to remove it and fill it up.

Compact Design

The stainless steel is proof enough of the durability and sturdiness of this model. It’s a compact one with all pieces tightly attached so that they don’t fall out. There are some plastic elements on the outside, but they are only a few.

The portafilter is well-secured and locked. As for the drip tray, it fits into the base and doesn’t move while the coffee is being made. For easier cleaning, the massive design has removable parts like the tray and the water tank, which are safe for putting in the dishwasher.BUY NOW ON AMAZON


  • The steam wand and the portafilters are easy-to-use even without previous experience
  • There are two thermometers – one is for the steam pressure, whereas the other one is for the water
  • Strong structure due to the fact that some of the parts are stainless steel
  • A filter holder with two functions – for ground coffee as well as pods
  • Lightweight and pretty compact to place in the kitchen
  • Straight-to-the-point and simple yet efficient features that don’t puzzle the user
  • The drip tray fits perfectly and doesn’t shake
  • Hots shots can be easily pulled from the machine
  • Manual frothing isn’t needed
  • The operation is self-priming
  • The water reservoir is placed on the side for easier operation and convenience
  • Compelling and modern design that falls in the eye
  • The model is compatible with E.S.E. pods
  • The tray for cups maintains the temperature of the mugs and keeps them warm
  • Easy and fast to clean and maintain


  • Heating up may take a while (from five to fifteen minutes)
  • Portafilters are pressurized and may limit the more experienced coffee baristas who may want more from the machine
  • The frothing wand may sometimes make excessive foam with bubbles in it
  • The first couple of shots made from this machine aren’t as tasty as the ones that are prepared afterward
  • Automatic turn off feature doesn’t exist

Delonghi EC702 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are the outer looks of the Delonghi EC702 machine only stainless steel?

Answer: A huge part of the machine is stainless steel. Some say that’s around seventy-five percent or eighty percent. Besides the stainless steel, you can find silver-colored plastic on the surface of the machine. What’s interesting and amazing is that the stainless-steel parts are placed at the center and are the first that fall in the eye. The cup warmer, the boiler, and even the paneling on the front is all stainless steel. Yes, looks and appearance are subjective and it’s all a matter of personal taste. However, there’s no denying the beautiful look that the stainless steel gives as a major part of the machine’s aesthetics.

2. How long should I wait between shots in order to make another one?

Answer: You don’t have to wait long after you’re done with one shot to start brewing another one. In fact, that’s around five to ten seconds and can even take up to a few minutes. So, you won’t even notice that. The water that’s in the boiler is still very hot from the previous coffee making. Naturally, it will take a second to get the temperature right again for producing another beverage. While you are putting away the used pod or filling the filter again, the light will blink green in no time. When you see the green light signaling the temperature is right, the machine is ready to go. Just be careful to check if the boiler has enough water for more shots.

3. What size of cups is required?

Answer: As it’s primarily an espresso machine, DeLonghi EC702 supports small cups only. These cups are way smaller than coffee mugs of a regular size. Roughly, they take up one-quarter of a regular mug. Moreover, you can buy special espresso cups and use them for the machine. If you want to make other beverage types, you can fill the shot in the small cups and then transfer the liquid into a regular mug and finish preparing the drink.

4. Why should I purchase the DeLonghi EC702 instead of the DeLonghi EC155 BAR 155?

Answer: When it comes to the parts, they are more or less similar. The real difference comes in the features and appearance. The EC702 is more sophisticated in a way that maintains great quality and at the same time, it looks very good. The blend of stainless steel and silver plastic make it look contemporary and matching different types of kitchens and appliances. Furthermore, the frothing is more efficient and the whole system surrounding it is much easier to maintain. The water reservoir is also larger. That means that the user has to refill sporadically and not all the time. Additionally, the EC702 model has more space for the espresso cups.

A Final Word

Overall, the DeLonghi EC702 model is an affordable quality model for home usage. It looks like a professional machine from a coffee shop and produces espressos and cappuccinos with creams and enhanced flavor. Because of the many features it incorporates, it’s a popular model on the market.

Therefore, we hope we helped you make your decision with this complete guide. Happy shopping!