regular coffee with an espresso Machine

Can you Make Regular Coffee with an Espresso Machine?

Everyone needs to take something hot in the morning. It is one of the best ways of starting a new day. We all have different preferences, especially when it comes to adults. However, there are those people who like taking coffee in the morning.  You might feel like taking coffee, and you only have an espresso machine in your home. Can you make regular coffee using the espresso machine?  You may make the coffee, but it will be different from that made from a dual-purpose machine. If you like the coffee made using the espresso machine, it is possible to make other drinks similar to regular coffee.

Can I make regular coffee using an espresso machine?

 You can make your coffee using an espresso machine, but the result will not be the same as the one made from a drip coffee maker. However, if you add water, you may end up getting a drink that has the same features as the regular coffee made using an espresso machine. But a person who has taken the coffee before may notice the coffee maker used in making it.

When making regular coffee using an espresso machine, the outcome will be a drink that resembles drip coffee in taste and caffeine. The espresso and drip brew coffees are very different in the process used when brewing and grinding the coffee bean. 

When making espresso, hot water is forced through finely-ground coffee resulting in a caffeinated drink.  You could try to find regular coffee for a purpose. Those people who have a lot of caffeine in the body might be interested in reducing it. Hence they need to take regular coffee.  How do you differentiate between your espresso and regular coffee? 

The process used in making it

 When making the espresso, you have to nearly boil water through the packs of finely ground coffee beans. When it comes to making regular coffee, you do not need pressure and speed.  The grind used in espresso is much more refined compared to the ones used in regular coffee.


 Those who have taken the espresso before notice the spike is coming from the aroma and caffeine. 12% of the coffee beans are decomposed in the espresso, while 2% of the diluted together with coffee solids remain in the brewed coffee. Thus 8-ounce cup of coffee contains a caffeine level of 70-140mg.


The espresso can be identified through its rich and concentrated taste. While making the espresso, the flavor is extracted from the coffee beans.  The main reason why many love espresso is because it is always topped with crema and has a bold taste.  The smell of the drink also attracts those who like taking it. 


Some people believe that you can only use coffee beans to make espresso. Recent research has shown that you can use other beans to make the expresso. The type of beans used may not result in any difference in the final output. 

 What you make using  the espresso machine

 You do not have to worry if you still need to make regular coffee using the espresso machine. The espresso machine can still provide you with other drinks that are similar to regular coffee.  Below are the other drinks you can try making with your espresso machine.


It is one of people’s favorites when it comes to espresso-based drinks.  If you cannot make the regular coffee using the espresso machine, you may make a cappuccino. The drink has all of the required components hence making it balanced well.  It is made of steamed milk cream and milk foam.  The milk, creamy and frothy, make the drink sweeter. 


Most people confuse Americano and the regular drip coffee. They are very different but have similar tastes.  If you set out on a can, you make coffee with an espresso machine. This is the best option? Americano is a simple shot of espresso, but hot water is poured into it. 


For those who prefer creamy drinks, this could be the best drink for them.  The latte is the creamiest drink you can make using the espresso machine when it comes to the espresso machine. Latte has the same components as those of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. 


It is an espresso containing equal parts whipped cream. It is lovely, and most people like it. 

Café con Leche

Café con Leche is a Cuban coffee that contains hot milk. The milk added is equal to the espresso.  If you are looking for a standard drip brew cup of coffee from an espresso machine, you may get something more pretty.  Many people enjoy the listed espresso-based drinks more than the regular coffee. 

Crema coffee

Crema coffee is an espresso that is made using pressure. However, one and half times of water is used to make it more brewed coffee consistency. 

Steps for making regular coffee using an espresso machine

After running how to make regular coffee using the espresso machine, the process may be easy.  But if you first step behind an espresso machine, the process may become complicated, and you will see as if everything starts to happen quickly. 

After making coffee, the whole process turns slow and simple hence you do not have to worry. If you make the first coffee, you will start making dozens of coffee and have more orders. Below is the procedure for making regular coffee with an espresso machine

  • Turn on and heat your espresso maker
  • Measure and grind your beans
  • Tamp your grounds, so the best is flat and even
  • Pull your first shot
  • Dial in the shot
  • Steam your milk


It is possible to make regular coffee using an espresso machine. However, the taste and flavor might be different from what you expect. Those who have taken coffee before might notice the spike. Other drinks are similar to regular coffee. To make the best coffee, you need a dual-purpose machine that can make both espresso and coffee.  The process of making coffee and espresso is very different. When making espresso, a lot of pressure is used when compacting coffee grinds. 

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