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Breville bes870xl barista express espresso machine review in 2021

Are you looking for the right espresso machine for you? There are many of them on the market to choose from. However, it’s a bit complicated to find one that has an affordable price and incorporates the features you need to make the tasty espresso you’re after. That’s why we offer you this Breville Barista Express review.

Espresso is a way of life for many people. They drink it to start their day, at work or at home. Because of this, they want it to be perfectly made. Yet at home, this can be harder than at the coffee shop. Of course, when you drink it outside, it has a different taste than when you make it yourself.

It’s true that some drinkers accept the drink the way it is and don’t ask where it came from. However, there are some that prefer to have the same flavor at home as the one outside. If you fall in the latter category, then you need the Breville BES870XL barista express machine.

To help you make your decision about it, we gathered all notable features, pros, cons, and frequently asked questions in one place. So, enjoy!

Breville Barista Express Review

Features of Breville BES870XL Barista Express

There are many features that differentiate this machine from the others. Even though the more expensive ones may be more professional, this is great for home usage. Especially, beginners will find pleasure in getting the flavor of the coffee they were looking for.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll go over the main features and answer some of your burning questions.


Physically, this machine is bigger and more robust than many others on the market. It reaches 16 inches in height and 13.5 inches in width. To make its strong appearance complete, it has a chassis made of stainless steel, a steel port filter as well as a handle attachment. These are accompanied by a pressure gauge, a massive bean hopper, and a burr grinder.

One of the vital ones is the gauge for pressure, which is situated at the front and the back of the espresso maker. Moreover, the circular dial presents the amount of hot water that’s pumped internally into the coffee and enables baristas to see if it matches the optimal range of the pressure.

On the left and right side of the dial are the buttons for filter size, program, and power together with the one for picking whether you want to drink a single or double espresso. Eventually, there is a metal tamper, which can be used once the contents are in the so-called port filter. With it, you can gently press the coffee down and twist the handle, filter, and other parts into the right position under the brew head of the machine.

Some of the other useful parts incorporate a drip tray and a water tank that can be removed for cleaning and filling. The tank has its own handle for control.

Grinding for Dose Control

No matter the size and type of the beans, this machine’s integrated grinder helps you control the dose you pour into the coffee. And it grinds the right amount that’s needed for a quality espresso. More precisely, it’s above the average 13 grams offered by other automated machines. Due to this, the flavor you get is richer.

There is a wide range of options for grinding. Therefore, you can decide to go for fine, rough grinding or something in between. After the grinding, the ground coffee ends in the port filter until you get the desired full taste in your cup.


Connected to the previous one, all home baristas can operate this espresso maker hands-free. The contemporary grinding cradle allows them to push the port filter so that the ground espresso is transferred from the cradle to the filter. That’s how you’re able to grind directly into the port filter without worrying about following too many steps or doing anything manually.

Not to mention that the grind amount can be adjusted so that the machine can control it by itself. The grinder is programmed to stop automatically as soon as the needed amount is dispensed to the filter. As for the shots, it provides both single and double shots to satisfy different preferences.

Extraction Pressure

The digital control of the temperature makes sure the water comes at the right temperature. Thanks to this option, the espresso is properly extracted. In fact, the golden cream you see in your coffee appears as a result of the right pressure applied at the right time.

This is done with the help of the infuser, which utilized low pressure to soak the ground coffee and expand it. The effect of this is a sweet cream that enriches the look and the taste of your espresso.

Foam Texturing

Another useful feature is the foam texturing. It’s done with micro-foam milk right after the coffee is made. The steam performance enables you to hand-draw some textures and shapes to create some latte art and enhance the espresso’s whole appearance and flavor.

For this reason, the infuser has the manual steam wand that is responsible for turning the milk into a smooth foam you can draw on.


  • Hands-free usage even by baristas at home and self-taught coffee makers
  • Produces quality espresso, surpassing some pricier models available on the market
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Exceptionally fast
  • Better control over the grind size thanks to the grind size dial
  • Good-looking and durable stainless steel design
  • Users can create latte art as well as texture micro-foam milk
  • Effortless maintaining the ground coffee dosage due to the burr grinder
  • Very precise extraction of the drink
  • Works with many types of beans besides espresso beans
  • Ability to choose between multiple grinding settings
  • Real control over the temperature of the water with the heating system
  • Large capacity of the water tank
  • Useful accessories are included with the purchase


  • Can be difficult to operate unlike automatic machines
  • Because of the larger size, it may not fit in all kitchens
  • Maintenance should be thorough and frequent and if you miss one, the grinder may become louder
  • The extra ground beans may collect and blend in the tray
  • Can’t use the grinder for other brewing styles
  • Portafilter may overflow often

Breville Barista Express Review: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does this model differ from its predecessor, the BES860XL model?

Answer: Breville as a manufacturing company made a number of improvements. This model is made better in some key aspects. To begin with, the 870 model went through some redesigning to be more durable and at the same time attractive and efficient. A dispenser for hot water was also added to the espresso machine in order to increase capacity and control. Therefore, the temperature of the liquid is easier for overseeing.

The power is 1600 watts, which is 150 watts more than the previous model’s power. The bean hopper is made bigger, as well. Moreover, the manufacturer produced a brand new tool for controlling the dosage that is called razor. When the user is done with using it, it’s helpful to know that there is an automatic function for shutting off the machine.

There have been changes in the new version regarding the ThermoCoil feature. Unlike its predecessor, the tubing in the Breville BES870XL machine is made entirely of stainless steel. That results in the water to be only in contact with this durable and safe material. Plus, this prevents any leaks from happening. There is also aluminum for regulating the temperature.

2. Can I use this machine in my small coffee shop?

Answer: It’s stated that this espresso machine isn’t meant for commercial uses. In fact, it all depends on how many cups of espressos would you like to produce. Some suggest that this model is suitable for around twenty espressos on a daily basis. Thus, it’s more for home usage. Even though it’s relatively fast, you would need a much faster model for commercial purposes. That’s because there will be many orders coming at once and you would have to make your customers wait.

3. Which accessories come with the purchase?

Answer: First of all, there is the tool for dose trimming called razor, which we talked about in the first question. Then another useful accessory is the dual as well as the singular wall filter. Having these two options to choose from can come in handy for both beginners and experts for making espressos. The port filter that’s also included is made of stainless steel and its size is fifty-four millimeters. The milk jug is stainless steel, too. Having said that, there is a cleaning kit, including a disc, a brush as well as similar tools. You get a filter for the water and a holder for the said filter. Among the other accessories, one can find a tamper that’s integrated, an Allen key, a scoop and such.

4. What kinds of drinks can I make with this model?

Answer: Basically, the primary drink for making is, of course, espresso. However, the machine isn’t limited to just that. Actually, you can prepare even tea or a cup of Americano thanks to the hot water dispenser. What’s more, the machine is capable of frothing the milk, too. That’s why you can make different types of coffee-related drinks. It’s too bad that it isn’t meant for commercial purposes because otherwise it can be definitely used in cafes for all kinds of coffee types.

5. How does the typical cleaning process of the grinder look like? What does it mean when it locks up?

Answer: It’s worth noting that even though it may sound like the cleaning is a tiring and boring process, it’s quite the opposite. It won’t take you more than two or three minutes tops.

Cleaning and maintenance should be done regularly. It’s best after every usage of the machine. Some people take out the extra ground beans and put them in the container where they store the unused quantities. After that, you can use the cleaning brush, which is included in the package. You can also vacuum the remaining extra resources left in there. With the small vacuum, you can remove any beans that may have been stuck in the grinder. In fact, the grinder may lock up when this happens. But you shouldn’t worry as we already explained how to solve that issue if such a thing occurs.

6. How long does the machine last?

Answer: That is difficult to tell. It depends, of course, on how much and how often you operate the espresso machine. Although it isn’t meant for regular coffee shops, some customers use it for that and their models can break down in a shorter period of time. On the other hand, if you use it the right way and clean the machine often, it will, understandably, serve you longer. Actually, some estimate that it may be more than five or ten years approximately. That’s because Breville is known to be a respectable and popular company for these kinds of products.

Final Words

It rarely happens to find an espresso machine that isn’t insanely expensive and yet performs well. So, you can count Breville the Barista Express BES870XL Espresso Machine as a member of this category. At first glance, the overall looks and design are modern and captivating. Made of long-lasting materials and operating with a grinder that is built in the machine, users get tasty espressos all from the comfort of their homes. Yes, this isn’t an extra-automatic model, but it’s very easy for operating and taking care of in the long run. Even beginners can quickly get used to the numerous features and options. You should just be patient and give it time. We hope the details we discussed earlier will help you make your decision of whether this is the machine you should purchase. Happy shopping!

What do you think about this Breville product? Do you have one at home or are you planning on buying one? Give us an insight into your opinions and thoughts here!