Best Espresso Machines Under $1000 in 2021

When you feel depressed, the only thing that can cheer you up is espresso. But how would you get one if you don’t have a machine for serving you?

So, enough is enough. It’s high time to get yourself the kind of morning bliss that you deserve. And that you can get once you grab a new machine for yourself.

And if you have no idea which one to get, then let yourself go through the write because we have 8 of the best espresso machines under $1000.

And nope! we won’t ask if you are ready, because we know you already are!

Let’s start!

Favorite Product of Best Espresso Machine Under $1000:

Although all the models in the list happen to be the best in the market, but DeLonghi ESAM3300 is something that makes it stand out the most. It has automatic as well as manual functions to explore. It can let you modify different settings. It comes with a great grinder that serves you fresh coffee grounds. And that’s not the end, it comes with extras that make it better than many models. And for this, ESAM3300 becomes out favorite product and if you are having confusion with the list, you can end that by opting just for this model.

DeLonghi ESAM3300

You know that an espresso machine can be the best mate of an espressoholic? Having doubts? Then let us introduce you to one of the best espresso machines under $1000 by the brand DeLonghi.

This model owns a patented cappuccino system that lets you froth milk and steam at one go while rotating 180 degree so you can have a creamy and rich texture in your cup. Plus, you can adjust the height of spigot that lets you fill different sized coffee cup or mug.

You will also get an inbuilt burr grinder that grinds the beans freshly to let you have that rich taste. Besides, the brand has incorporated the compact container into Magnifica so that you can utilize it with ground coffee.

The good news is that the machine lets you set the level of grinding just in case, you want to modify your drink. However, the DeLonghi has recommended to use illycaffe since it ensures a smooth, rick and balanced result. 

Noise can be a minor drawback of the grinder. In fact, you may not like the loud vibration that it makes while in use. That being said, the model shines well when it comes to its performance and that’s the reason why it has been added to the list. 

Speaking more of its features, ESAM3300 comes with a push button plus a dial that help in customizing your drink. There will be 4 levels of espresso length and 5 options of strength so you can get the one that will suit your taste. Not just that, you will also be able to pick single or double cup simultaneously.

What more is that this guy warrants you to be at the required temperature always. Because this will get you the tastiest drink no matter how long the interval is in between the cups. Not just that, the machine also impresses with its even distribution performance.

Additionally, the brand has included stainless-steel double boiler that you can take out and cleanup with ease. Besides, you will have a detachable 60 oz. water reservoir and 7 oz. bean container that help in making the maintenance even easier.

The big plus is that you do not have to move the machine since you can empty the container and refill the tank effortlessly. The capacity of the tank can be disappointing but this should not upset you greatly.

The plastic exterior can be a turn off. But the quality will not let you down as said by a lot of users.


  • Offers both automatic and manual options.
  • Comes with 4 levels of espresso length.
  • Comes with 5 options of strength.
  • Can make wonderful tasting coffee.
  • Able to make any type of coffee.
  • Has easy maintenance.
  • Includes burr grinder.
  • Comes with basic accessories.


  • Loud.
  • Exterior is plastic.
  • Insufficient tank capacity.



Nothing feels as good as spilling the beans about having the best espresso machines under $1000. And if you have EA8250 by Krups, you have it all.

With a fully automatic 1450W espresso machine, you can get to enjoy different flavors of beverage with just a couple of modification.

Besides, its metal conical burr grinder plays a big role and can be one of the centers of attraction. The grinder does not only grind the beans freshly and evenly but also captures rich flavor. There will be settings through which you can switch from lightest to coarsest level banking on your taste. Plus, the brand has included big sealed bean hopper that hold enough amount of bean for the day.

When it comes to its Thermo-block heating technology, the machine works to maintain temperature of water. Meanwhile, its 15 bar pump uses high pressure for delivering volumetric control and offering you consistent brewing so you get to enjoy the best flavor. It also ensures perfect tamping with its hydraulic automated tamping technology.

One big plus is its control panel that comes with LED screen on front where you will find knobs and other buttons for easy operation. With these options, you will be able to pick number of cups, your recipe and much more.

Just like the previous one, it too comes with 60 oz. water tank that is yet again small and requires frequent refill. But the most concerning matter is the short steam want that might make it difficult to use it for steaming and frothing. That said, the wand does bring out the smoothest and silkiest texture that you wish for.

Besides, you will removable drip tray and cake container so they can let you clean and maintain the unit easily.

Although the machine has plastic parts, but it does not affect the performance and durability making it the best.


  • Thermo-block heating technology offers water temperature maintenance.
  • Hydraulic automated tamping technology ensures perfect tamping.
  • Metal conical burr grinder offers fresh grounds and rich flavor.
  • Big sealed bean hopper holds enough beans.
  • Buttons and knobs on front provides easy use and access.
  • Removable water tank and drip tray offers easy clean up.
  • Wand provides smooth and silky textured froth.


  • Small water tank.
  • Short steam wand.
  • Plastic part.

Rancilio Silvia HSD-SILVIA


Espresso can be your actual medi-bean if you want to stay focused and active. And if you want such privilege, then you will need this Silvia by Rancilio that is one of their best espresso machines under $1000.

They will have solid porta filter handle that lets you hold it with ease while making an espresso cup with the machine. There will be optimal group head as well to provide you with extraction quality and heat stability.

The best feature is its Articulating steam wand through which you can explore different range of motion while there will be knock to give you control of steaming pressure. Not just that, you will also find the texture of froth smooth and silk after witnessing the performance of wand in front of you.

But here’s the thing, the wand does its intended job greatly though, but you will find the activity a little slower. And this could be an annoying factor.

However, the design is super impressive that makes it ideal for any kind of kitchen decors. It is also a space-saving unit that you can place anywhere without occupying much of the room.

An interesting feature to speak of is its top surface. There you can place a set of coffee cups so you can grab one and go for a shot anytime you want.

Just like other models, you will get a 64 oz. water tank that you can remove and opt for cleaning. Although, the capacity is still not enough to meet your expectation.

However, it does not have a built in grinder, and this is what it makes it a little incomplete. So, if you want to use the unit, get yourself grinder as well.

However, the machine is super loud that can make your ears go crazy. But, that is still a minor con to think about.


  • Porta filter handle lets you hold it easily while making a drink.
  • Articulating steam wand brings out smooth and creamy texture.
  • Knob for adjusting steaming pressure.
  • Design goes well with any kitchen décor.
  • Offers great tasting espresso-based drink.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Surface has a space for placing a set of coffee cups.


  • Makes super loud noise.
  • Process of frothing milk is slow.
  • Does not come with grinder that incompletes the unit.

Gaggia Brera


Why not make your day ‘Brewtiful’ by having the most flavorful espresso from one of the best espresso machines under $1000. Yes, we are talking about Brera by Gaggia.

Its rapid steam technology has been boasted much by the brand claiming that the model will heat up the system rapidly that too in just 10 seconds. This will give you the privilege of steaming and brewing operations quickly.

In addition to this, the unit also welcomes you to pour whole coffee beans besides ground coffee, thanks to the burr grinder.

Speaking of the grinder, it comes equipped with a doser that helps in grinding the whole beans evenly so it can brew and give you the best shot. It’s the fresh grounds that have the ability to make a difference in taste and make the experience flavorful.

Besides, you will have Pannarello steam wand referring to an intake hole which siphons off air right into the milk so you can get a creamy foam for cappuccino and latte. You can also use the frother as hot water dispenser for tea or other beverages.

The big plus of the unit is its construction. you will have all the controls and other parts right in front of you and all of them are easily accessible. And do you know how you can get the easy access? Just by pulling the water tank and dreg box from the front. That’s it!

Besides its ease of use factor, you will marvel at its design. At just 12.4 inches, the unit manages to slide underneath the cabinet easily and there will still be a lot of free space left.

Additionally, the Brera has LED display that illuminates all the icons so you can control and get the kind of drink you want.

It comes with 1.2L water reservoir that will require frequent refill since people found the capacity insufficient. Meanwhile, the included drip tray is not big enough and this leads you to empty it often which adds extra effort to your cleaning job.

To add more, users also felt that Brera is kind of unit that needs more maintenance to run properly.


  • Rapid steam technology provides rapid heat up time.
  • Pannarello steam wand offers silk and smooth foam.
  • Features burr grinder and doser for fresh grounds.
  • LED display offers easy control.
  • Compact design promotes easy access and accommodation.
  • Delivers great tasting coffee regardless the type.


  • Drip tray requires frequent emptying.
  • Water tank requires frequent refill.
  • Extra maintenance is needed.

Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1


With the best espresso machines under $1000, you don’t just do it, you brew it! And this 13626 model by Jura is here to give you the chance of a happy brewing.

The machine looks ultra-compact that makes it fit at any place in your kitchen. And since it’s stated to be 1-cup coffee machine, you will be able to place a lone cup there to fill the shot.

There will be grinders having multiple levels that grind the beans so evenly that you will feel the taste right from one sip. Besides, coming equipped with micro-brewing unit, the 13626 offers to give you ultimate espresso.

You will also get to use its touch panel that has 3 options of cup size and 2 levels of aroma that you can pick. This perk of modification benefits you the most when you want to explore different taste.

This little machine also features energy saving function that saves you from hiking extra bill by shutting off automatically due to its programmed setting.

You just need to keep one thing in mind that this machine has been designed just for making espresso. And there is no way it can make milk based coffee since it does not come with a steam wand. So, if you are more into latte or cappuccino, it’s wise that you opt for other models. And if you an espressoholic, then this no unit can be as ideal as this one.

A little issue is that it does not come with essential basics for maintenance such as water filter or cleaning tablet, so you have to buy them separately for maintaining the machine properly. And to speak of the worst con, ah it’s gonna be really loud to operate mate.

That said, the simple design and use of this model are what makes it stand out the most.


  • Ultra compact design fits anywhere.
  • Simple use and design.
  • Great for making espresso.
  • Offers rich flavor and taste.
  • Comes with 3 options of cup size.
  • Comes with 2 levels of aroma.
  • Multiple level grinder grinds the bean freshly and evenly.
  • Auto shut off features saves energy and bill.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Too loud to tolerate.
  • Does not come with steam wand.
  • Extras need to be purchased separately for maintenance.

Philips Saeco HD8911/47


Orchestrate your morning to the tune to espresso by getting this Saeco HD8911/47 machine from the brand Philips.

It features ceramic grinder that is just there to do its job amazingly by delivering fresh and even beans for about 20,000 cups to the most. To add more, the material also helps in preventing the coffee from overheating so you don’t get the taste of burnt drink.

Speaking of its best features, its frother is another one that needs to be mentioned. Besides making bold espresso, the unit is able to make smooth and creamy froth for latte and cappuccino as well. There is a nozzle that emits water vapor and let you froth the milk right into your cup manually.

Moreover, it comes with heating boiler technology that makes the system pretty fast so you can brew all the cups back to back. 

You will also find detachable brew group ensuring that the unit makes all the stuff by itself so that you don’t have to do extra effort. And with just a tap of a button, you can get your fresh and consistent beans ground perfectly. Besides, the unit also lets you remove it with one click for regular cleanup and maintenance. 

Speaking of its maintenance, the only issue is it gets messier pretty easily, and there is going to be a lot of job while cleaning up the unit.

But the feature that surprises us the most is its automatic cleaning cycle that makes the unit easier to maintain. It does not only uplift the durability of the machine but also promotes ease usage.

Plus, its Powder option is another big plus that enables you to enjoy decaf drink as well which many of the models fail to offer.

Albeit we have assured the performance of the machine, but its plastic part might upset you at some point. Not just that, you will also get irritated by its loudness which is one of the worst cons you can face.


  • Automatic cleaning cycle offers ease of maintenance.
  • Powder option to present you decaf drink.
  • Removable brew group helps it easy to clean.
  • Grinder grinds the beans freshly and evenly.
  • Ceramic helps prevent burning taste.
  • Frother offers smooth and creamy textured froth.
  • Heating boiler technology promotes quick brew time.


  • Get messy easily.
  • Plastic parts.
  • Too loud to handle.

Breville BES920XL


Rich, hot, and able to keep you up all night, and that is how espresso can be if made right from this machine by Breville.

If you ask about the best feature of the unit, we would say its Over pressure valve (OPV). This function restricts the maximum pressure throughout the extraction so it can prevent bitter flavor in your espresso. Isn’t it cool?

Moreover, this function also provides you with low pressure pre-infusion that helps in uplifting the pressure gradually to expand the grounds gently and to deliver even extraction.

Besides this, the machine also comes equipped with boilers and dual Italian pump that allows for simultaneous steaming and espresso extraction.

There will be steam wand as well to give you the privilege of tasting great cappuccino or latte.

Moreover, it uses an electronic PID technology that refers to a digital temperature control system which helps detect the fluctuation during extraction so it can minimize the issue plus make sure that the temperature is kept at an ideal range.

You will also find backlit LCD display that shows shot clock, time and brew temperature. It has been recommended that you use filtered water since low mineral content can cause issues.

The best part is that the machine includes test strip as well so you can check the harness of water. Not just that, it also features LCD assisted descale procedure as well as descale alert that serves other benefits.

However, waiting for the system to get heated up can be a darn pain since it takes 8 minutes to go and warm up. Besides. Using the unit for the first time can be confusing because it does not come with any instruction to help you so. Although, once you start using, you will get the hang of it.

One downside that upsets most of the users is some of the plastic parts. Although these parts have used high quality plastic yet some of you might feel cheap.


  • Over pressure valve helps in preventing bitter taste.
  • Helps deliver even extraction.
  • Boilers and dual Italian pumpallows for simultaneous steaming and extraction.
  • PID technology helps detect the temp fluctuation and minimize it.
  • Backlit LCD display for easy control.
  • Test strip to check the hardness of water.
  • Comes with a variety of programming functions.


  • Takes 8 minutes to heat up.
  • Does not come with instruction.
  • Plastic components.

Philips Saeco HD8645/47


It’s always coffee’o’clock when you have the best espresso machines under $1000. And if you don’t then Saeco HD8645/47 by Philips can make a great choice.

It features ceramic grinder that provides you with high quality performance by delivering freshly ground coffee beans and making your day. Besides, the part will give you 5 settings so you can customize the grind from light to coarse according to your taste.

Not just that, you will also get Vapore function that has been designed for cleaning the circuit with water automatically by turning on or off the unit. You will understand how much difference it makes after you take a sip of the drink.

You will also have milk frother with the unit that lets you froth the milk and provides you with creamy and smooth textured froth.

Coming in ABS plastic can be a turn off, however you will find it pretty high quality that can last long and perform strong.

Its included heating boiler technology is a big plus because it brews the coffee cup super-fast so you can take the shot back to back without even waiting.

In addition to this, the unit offers more customization with its memo function which basically allows you to modify the coffee length and it will just need your tap of a button.

Coming in compact design, Saeco is able to fit into any space easily be it your kitchen or room. It does not accommodate a bigger sized coffee cup beneath the dispenser but this is not big deal to think about.

The bigger concern is the capacity of water tank which is quite less that triggers you to refill the tank every day. Not just that, you will also hate holding the froth cup since it require you to while steaming, because people found it very awkward.


  • Vapore helps clean the circuit automatically.
  • Comes with 5 grinder settings for the strength of espresso.
  • Milk frother offers creamy foam.
  • Ceramic grinder offers even and fresh ground beans.
  • Memo function helps adjust the length of coffee.
  • Able to fit in any space.
  • Heating boiler technology provides quick heat time.
  • Offers great and rich taste.


  • Water tank needs frequent refill.
  • Might not fit a big cup under the dispenser.
  • Holding the froth cup can be a hassle.


Things to consider:


Since you will be spending 1000 bucks for an espresso machine, you will just have to focus on a burr grinder and nothing else. There are two types of grinder basically that are mostly found in the market. Blade grinder offers nothing but inconsistent taste since it chops the pod unevenly. But Burr grinder does the opposite, it produces evenly sized granules to get you a flavor and rich extraction so you will feel its consistency. 

The grinder is one of the most essential parts of espresso machine. There are many models that do not come with such part though but for 1000 bucks, you should get one that has grinder incorporated. Because it makes the espresso so balanced and rich that does make a difference.

If you are planning to bring the machine at home, look for grinders made up with ceramic burr as they are better at performances. You can also look for flat or steel conical if you want to explore more options. 

However, while looking for grinder, make sure to check at least three settings: fine, medium and coarse. Although, models under 1000 bucks can give you more to multiple settings, so you are good to go.


It refers to a basket mainly made of metal at the end of handle. It does the job of holding coffee grounds during brewing process. When looking for an espresso machine, make sure that the porta-filter is constructed with brass as it helps with heat retention.

Tamping system:

After you put ground coffee into the porta-filter, you will want to press them down into it. And this is what taming system does since it ensures perfect tamping without requiring your finger use. A lot of models offer great tamping function where it makes a great difference in taste depending on difference in tamping.


Dose refers to how much coffee you would like to put in porta-filter by weight or volume. It will be wise to make sure the machine offers enough dose that will meet your expectation while looking for one.


If you want to get a rich tasting espresso, then you will need to ensure its maintenance of consistent temperature while brewing or steaming. You will get a water heater with most of the units under 1000 bucks, but, it will let the machine do one task at a time. So, you can either heat the milk or extract your espresso.

As both the tasks need separate temperature range, it leads the machines to deal with the task differently. Under 1000 bucks, you should get a machine that comes with dual thermometer which helps in providing consistent temperature while extraction or steaming. If not, you can check out machines equipped with single thermometer equipped that just help in managing the temperature.  

However, you should also look for PID technology that refers to an advanced mechanism which helps in controlling thermo-block temperature around a certain range.

Drip tray:

It’s obvious that your machine will miss the cup or overfill it sometimes causing water drip at the end. That time, it’s the drip tray that catches these drips so it can save you from extra hassle. When looking for an espresso machine, make sure you get a bigger drip tray that will not require you to empty it frequently since it can be an annoying thing to do.

Steam wand:

Steam wand can be your favorite feature If you are an espressoholic as well as latteholic. Because steam wand makes sure you get to froth milk and experience a creamy and silky froth which will add a taste to your latte or cappuccino. So, if you love milk in espresso-based beverage, then you will need a steam wand. And it is essential that you check the quality of the wand that can maintain temperature consistently as well as offer micro foam function.

In addition, a lot of units come with Pannarello attachment which is a great wand type for offering milk based coffee. The micro-foam will not be perfect though due to the big bubbles by the wand, but you can use it to get your desired coffee type.

Group head:

It basically is the section where you slide the porta-filter. This part features showerhead that lets hot water stream to the coffee grounds.

Water tank:

It is very essential that you keep the capacity of water tank in mind while looking for an espresso machine. If you are a heavy espresso consumer, then you will need a machine that comes with bigger sized water tank because smaller ones will require frequent refill you won’t like filling the tank up again and again and that too every day. So, you must pick the right amount of capacity when checking the reservoir information.

Design and dimensions:

Just keep in mind that look of the machine should not be as much important to you as the performance and design. So, while looking for one, make sure if the machine is compact enough to be kept anywhere in your kitchen. Not just that, you will also need to keep extra space for grinder in mind since it will require you to fit the machine into the space with the dimensions of grinder as well. 

However, if you think you are getting a great machine that comes in bigger size, then we would suggest you to make a space for the machine before bringing one to home.


Many models under 1000 bucks can come with a variety of programming function to give you extra benefits. If you want to customize espresso drink or schedule making the drink every day, then having such function will be beneficial. There are models that also offer built in timer that makes the machine turn on and off. Also other programs such as temperature control and descaling options are additional benefits you can enjoy. And you can get some of these features in some models that will cost you less than 1000 bucks.


Time saving:

If you have an espresso machine that is able to grind beans and brew coffee simultaneously, then you have the best unit for you yourself. Because, the unit that does both the job, it helps in saving your time. You will just need to press some buttons for modification, and wait for some time till you get a fresh and rich flavored bliss.


Machine that comes with a grinder can be of a great help. It does not only grind whole beans or ground beans for you evenly but also influences the taste of the drink to a great extent.


The best part of having an espresso machine is that it serves a lot of coffee for a group of people. You will just need to modify some settings manually and voila! You can get your shot one after another without even waiting. Plus, it also brings coffee bar right to your home so you do not need to go out and spend bucks on espresso. So, espresso machine does not only make espresso for you but also save your money from spending it. And to add more, having the machine at home also gives you privilege to take as much shot you want.


Requires no skill:

You surely do not need to master making espresso with the machine. Such equipment have been designed in such that everyone can use it. Although some of them might be found to be hard to use initially, but it does not take time to get the hang of it. Not just that, having an espresso machine can improve your skill for making iddferent kinds of drinks. You can explore them. And if the machine has frothing wand, it can make you a pro in latte art. Who knows!

Programming functions: Models that are under 1000 bucks come with a lot of programming functions. Some let you modify the strength and intensity of drink while some let you use built in timer that makes the machine turn on and off.

Health perks:  Having espresso helps a lot with protecting your body from different diseases. It keeps your body safe while keeping the calorie count of your body low. Not just that, espresso can also make you feel active so that you don’t feel tired while working out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Which one should you go for? Blade or burr grinder?

A: Machines that come with blade grinder fall in lower price range. But if you add a couple of more bucks, you can get a burr grinder for yourself. Such grinder provides you with even beans and consistent taste that blade one fails to offer. So, if you want better option, you should go for the latter which is burr grinder.

Q: Can machine with frother steam milk without frothing:

A: Yes, you can steam milk without frothing. For this, you will need to keep the wand deep in the milk so that it does not introduce air into the milk to avoid frothing..

Wrap the bean up

So, now that we have revealed the products that have earned love from its users the most, it will be easier for you to go and grab one. You  can also take help from the buying guide since we have included necessary information that you should know. Hopefully, this guide and review will play a role in making a decision.

Which budget friendly espresso machine do you recommend?

We recommend Gevi 20 bar espresso machine as the most budget friendly machine.