AICOK Espresso Machine Review And Buying Guide

Not everything that glitters is gold. Haha! This proverb felt to me just right when I am writing about this Espresso Machine. The AICOK Espresso Machine Reviews won’t involve all those eye-catching taglines; mumbo-jumbos…this one will be simple involving a practical and realistic approach. Comm’n you don’t need an expensive bulky machine to make those little cups of coffee for you. As I said, not all expensive espresso makers are good and not all cheaper ones are bad.

Complete AICOK Espresso Machine Review

AICOK Espresso Machine Reviews

AICOK Espresso Machine, Cappuccino Coffee Maker with Milk Steamer Frother

  • Brew variety of coffee: 2-In-1 Espresso maker with milk frother, make excellent Espresso, cappuccino, latte and mocha.
  • Rich taste Espresso: with 15 bar high-pressure pump, It brews rich-tasting Espresso, extraction of creamy and silky Coffee, It will let you enjoy every drop of pure Espresso.
  • Efficient and fast: 1050W high power heater, It takes less time to get of fresh Espresso. Cord length 26 inches.
  • Efficient and fast: 1050W high power heater, It takes less time to get of fresh Espresso. Cord length 26 inches.
  • 2 years : 24-month . Customer service is available for a Lifetime, Our service teams will be always on your side.


AICOK Espresso Machine scores a point in the looks department too! The espresso maker doesn’t have any hanging particles, all parts are well put together, neat and pleasing to the eye. This easy to use maker has a high capacity chamber that can hold a good amount of coffee beans to make espresso at one go. The stainless steel body, convenient handle, removable water tanks, and automatic temperature control- AOCOK surely has made a pleasant espresso maker to be placed in the kitchen or office shelves. Plus, the interface is also user-friendly. No rocket science, no advanced switch, and buttons, no tricky components – just a simple machine that makes espresso just about right!

No, it’s not made with plastics! AICOK Espresso Machine is Bisphenol A (BPA) free, thus, doesn’t mess up our hormones and estrogen levels. However, the water reservoir is made with hard plastic, but the good news is, it is removable.

Then what actually this grinder is made of? Metal and stainless steel are your answers. So, durability will not be an issue with this best espresso maker here. With its heavy-duty motor, you have the freedom to make an easy, quick mix that ends up in your mug as an undoubtedly rich flavored freshly brewed coffee!

Well talking about the espresso maker, you know there should be no exception when it comes to the quality of coffee beans. If your machine says it’s a “pod-based”, it means the device doesn’t take grounded coffee. Then what does it take? Just insert those espresso capsules at the top of the AICOK Espresso Machine, close the lid and press a single button. Voila! Making espresso can never get easier than this. The device doesn’t overheat the coffee beans, keeping the aroma intact – providing you with the amazing beverages; be it espresso, latte, mocha or cappuccino.

The first few terms that came to my mind while I was writing about AICOK Espresso Machine review was – it serves quick, man! Hold on tight, because we are talking about a grinder that has 1050W High power heater (yes, you heard that right!). With that power, getting the best aromatic coffee in the shortest amount of time is not a big deal (…I am already craving coffee!).

But then again I feel, “quick” is an understatement if I really want to value its fast performance. AICOK Espresso Machine is surely a smart device that can easily out weapon any expensive “classy” coffee maker out there in the market. And why wouldn’t that be? Just think about its 15 Bar High-pressure pump, which keeps your favorite brew set all the time, so any time you need a quick cup of coffee (or perhaps 2 cups, could be 3 cups too, but don’t go for 4th cup, you don’t want to mess up your hormones!) just press on and watch it do its magic. Give it a minute or two, and your cup’a of silky, creamy coffee (or rich-tasting espresso) is ready!  Now sip.

Done sipping? Cleaning is not an issue either, so don’t stress over it. The water tank is removable, so you can ditch those wasted times that you have spent earlier cleaning your ex-espresso makers. Remove the tank, swap out the capsules, clean, dry and attach – no mess, whatsoever.

With this numbers of additional features and grind settings – you must be thinking this espresso maker is nothing but comes with a hefty price tag. Wrong Earthlings! AICOK Espresso Machine never ceased to surprise us with its price point too. Low price, extra add-ons, unbelievable new features – it’s difficult to get so many things in one grinder, isn’t it?

So speaking of cheaper espresso makers, no one can beat AICOK. It is affordable yet advanced, effective yet simple – how can you beat that?Check Latest Price and Offers


  • The whole body of the espresso maker is made of stainless steel; therefore durability is ensured due to the stainless steel construction
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Cup height can be fixed and adjusted
  • Quick espresso preparation
  • Compact, therefore, it requires minimal kitchen space
  • Well-priced
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • 2-in-1 semi-automatic device
  • Has a high-pressure pump that can deliver up to 15 bars of pressure
  • Power heated is rated at 120-volts at 1050W
  • Is available with a 26-inch extension cord
  • Lightweight, with weight being only 11.22 pounds
  • Automatic Temperature Control; so the heat is neither too much to burn the coffee blends and not too low that takes forever to heat up
  • 43 Oz. of removable water reservoir
  • Provides warranty of 2 years


  • Creates loud noise while making milk froth
  • Doesn’t have an alarm indicating low levels of water
  • Some of the users reported that the coffee quality produced by AICOK Espresso Machine wasn’t up to the mark; they weren’t fully satisfied with the taste

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I make 2 cups at the same times with AICOK Espresso Machine?

Answer: The AICOK Espresso Machine is equipped with professional components to make a double shot of espresso.  Plus, you can also prepare two single shots to drink simultaneously.

Question 2: Can I make regular coffee with this espresso maker?

Answer: Yes, you can. Use finer coffee grounds if you are up making a regular cup of coffee.

Question 3: How long the device is expected to last?

Answer: The AICOK Espresso Machine is expected to last for years, thanks to its stainless steel production. In the meantime, if there is any problem you can send it back to the company and get the benefits of the warranty provided.

Final words…

The AICOK Espresso Machine is an inexpensive espresso maker that gets the job done. If loud noise is not a problem to you, then you are good to go with this option.

Given that it is expected to last you years, you can’t basically go wrong with AICOK.